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Dimension Invaders

Dimension invaders: an augmented reality game

Platform: iPhone
Genre: Action/Arcade
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Price: $0.99 / Ł 0.59 / €0.79

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They have broken the barriers between dimensions to come to our reality.

They are coming to kill the human race. They are coming to kill you!

But you have the most powerful weapon. You can see the enemy spaceships through your iPhone camera. You can look for them in the app left bottom radar, point them with the cross hair and shoot touching anywhere on the screen.

Dimension Invaders is an augmented reality game that uses the iPhone 3GS camera, compass and accelerometer to give you an augmented reality experience.

Through twelve increasing difficulty levels, the enemy spaceships come, shoot and try to crash with you. They come from every possible orientation and you have to search all around you, with your iPhone in landscape mode, to find and destroy the enemy.

Only for iPhone 3GS.


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